Encourage One Another Scripture Verse from Thessalonians 5

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To Encourage, Inspire and Uplift You!

I sat down to polish off our inaugural post for Indoor Outdoor Space, a new Christian women’s e-Magazine, and realized it sounded much more like a typical “About” page on a website than a heart-felt woman-to-woman talk of encouragement – what I truly intend this site to be over time. Therefore, after copying and pasting that info to the Indoor Outdoor Space’s actual About Us page, I’m giving this inaugural post another go.

In all honesty, it is really another, another, another go as I’ve typed and typed and typed some more, erasing paragraph after paragraph to get the words just right for you on this first post for Indoor Outdoor. Thankfully after a coffee fueled conversation about friendship and encouragement with my husband this morning, I realized that there is truly no “just right” or no “if I can tweak one more thing, then it will be good enough.”

Because we are not, we are not ever good enough; hence, the need for encouragement from our fellow believers, and the obvious need for salvation from the only one who can be our perfect stand-in before God, His one and only son, Jesus. Unfortunately, the entire world will tell you “You are perfect just as you are.” with their lips and then tell you just the opposite with their deceptive advertising and imagery, but you are called to persevere, and persevere hour by hour, day by day and week by week.

Encourage One Another Scripture from I Thessalonians 5

I saw a middle-aged woman (middle-aged like me) wearing this t-shirt the other day that sums it up quite well…

“You need Jesus. I’m just saying.”

While hurriedly trying to see every nook at a local amusement park this weekend, my family stumbled upon the lady with the blue shirt and the simple but echoing statement. In the midst of all the bustle, I literally stopped and chuckled, but the two sentences stuck with me. It seems like in today’s culture, we have to resort to following up any statement of truth or statement hard to hear with a catchy phrase like “I’m just saying.” to soften its blow. Perhaps not dismiss the real truth of it, but rather to take off our own edge of criticism by adding a bit of modern society’s humor.

That’s what was at the core of my writing furiously and rewriting and writing again my inaugural post for Indoor Outdoor Space. I had good intentions of wading you into the water, like a little cushiony soft intro written quite professionally – you know, with a search engine friendly description, proper headings, keywords and all the relevant information that you needed to want to hit that “subscribe to my newsletter” prompt at the end of each post.

While that is very satisfactory from my professional background in publishing and as an editor and perfectly fine for an “About” page, sadly, that is not me, not the imperfect me as a person coming through to you on these post pages. Not the me that wakes up every morning with doubts, questions and need of encouragement to persevere, maybe just like you? I’m more of a…

“You need Jesus.” Period. …Kind of gal.

While even a few years back, I would have taken comfort into wading into the waters, giving you the polished up info or cushiony catch phrase to let you know professionally and matter-of-factly that this is a Christian women’s site, the transitions of life have taken a toll on me. Made me understand the immediateness of the word “NEED” and the abundance in the name Jesus.

No. Now it isn’t about me just sayin’ you need Jesus. It is about Him sayin’ it. And sayin’ it and sayin’ it and sayin’ it some more. And He is truth, not just that He’s telling you the truth, but that He is the truth.

And not because He needs you to need Him, but because you really do need him. You. really. do.

So out of these ideas, this very imperfect faith of mine, the idea for creating a better me, inside & out came to be. The understanding of my own need for encouragement in the community of Christian women, understanding and strengthening. Therefore, I wanted to bring together Christian women to share their talents with one another and encourage each other through inspiration.

So for this inaugural post for Indoor Outdoor Space’s kick off debut. What do you get? You get a glimpse into why I am giving this site a birthday. You need Jesus. I’m just sayin’ (yeah, I had to go there).

Indoor Outdoor Space may grow to be many things, but at its core, it is intended to be a Christian women’s e-Magazine with a wide variety of content to inspire and encourage followers of Christ in their every day lives. This is a site for Christian women, followers of a risen Savior, believers committed to becoming more like Christ. The content is written by Christian women for Christian women in all stages of life from mothers to grandmothers to aunts to the single girl.

Yes, this site will include a lot of decorating and crafty content that won’t have a scripture verse necessarily threaded through each post, but it will be something made by the hands of a dedicated Christian woman to add joy to your day. This site will also include a lot of bible based content from free church-related & scripture printables to meditative or devotional thoughts to kid’s bible class projects and whatever else pops up on the minds and hearts of Indoor Outdoor Space’s team of talented Christian women writers and contributors.

I Thessalonians 5:11

“Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.” (ESV, from Bible Hub)


This is our goal – to be a weekly encouragement to you, to build you up through inspirational DIY home decorating and craft tutorials, free church-related and scripture printables, devotional thoughts, household tips and kid’s bible class projects, plus a variety of other topics for the strengthening of your faith in Jesus Christ. Please check in daily for something new from our writers and contributors.




Managing Editor at Indoor Outdoor Space

p.s. I have no beef with the t-shirt used in the example or its makers, actually, quite the opposite. It obviously inspires me. That being said, I am also not endorsing it and have no affiliation with it or its manufacturers. Wear it, don’t wear it, just save your cash and write the saying in permanent marker across your forehead – again, not an endorsement for the saying or permanent markers, or t-shirts, or foreheads, or….well, you get the idea.

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    Congratulations on the first publication. Looking forward to reading the new magazine.

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    Congratulations on your new adventure Shalana. Looking forward to reading more..🐑

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