Sweet DIY Candy Heart Magnetic Frames

Try this easy Valentine’s Day Craft for you and the kids.

Hello again Ladies! The day of LOVE is upon us; only two weeks left to craft up some cute stuff for our friends. This one is so easy you will want to get the kids in on it. And what a great way to share God’s word during this holiday!



Conversation Hearts candies

cardboard or old cereal box

magnetic tape

card stock or craft foam

free scripture printable (you can find lots on our website)

stick glue

glue gun and glue sticks (if the kids are helping, I suggest a low temp glue gun.)

scissors/craft knife







First, cut out 3 1/4″ X 5″ cardboard pieces. Cut out 2 1/4″ X 3 3/8″ from the center. This will give your frame a little stability.

Next, cut the card stock or craft foam to the same dimensions as above. Glue card stock to cardboard frame using hot glue.

Cut the magnetic tape into strips to fit the back of the frame and glue down with glue gun. You could probably just use two strips down the longest sides, but I glued a strip to all four sides.

Now the fun part! Gather the candy hearts and create a design on the card stock side of the frame. Use glue gun to adhere. Be creative and have fun!

These frames would be great for family photos but I really love the look of the framed scripture. I love having God’s word in every room of the house and this is a good way to incorporate it in the kitchen.


Print the free scripture printable designed by Shalana onto card stock and cut out. Using stick glue adhere it to a cereal box and cut out. Cut magnetic strips and glue to the back with glue gun. Now you have even more magnets! You can also decorate with candy hearts.

Valentines Day Scripture Verse Cards Free Printable by Shalana


(If you will be packing any of these items away for next Valentines day I highly suggest that you seal all the candies with decoupage glue to keep them from dissolving in humid conditions.)




I hope this wasn’t too easy for you! I know I really enjoyed it, if you did to maybe you would like to subscribe to our Indoor Outdoor Space newsletter for the latest tutorials and freebies delivered to your inbox. You can find more up-cycled and recycled decor at my own site, The Ragged Rose.

Until next time my sweets!



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