Scrap Fabric Flower Pins DIY Craft Tutorial

Recycle scrap fabric into these cute flower pins!

As I was searching through my scraps of fabric I came up with this idea for adorable scrap fabric flower pins. I love how easy it is to make them; they’re perfect for a last minute gift, brooch, or purse accessory. Gather your fabric scraps and let’s get started ladies!




scrap fabrics, laces, ribbon





hot glue gun

needle and thread


Begin by cutting your fabric scraps into circles of varying sizes. No need for a template, just eye it. The flowers I made were no larger than 3 inches in diameter, but make them as small or large as you want. Use your imagination!

Next, layer 4 contrasting circles from largest on the bottom to smallest on top. Secure all layers by pinching them together and stitching through the center of the bottom circle.

Add a button to the top and almost done!

Now cut a circle from the felt smaller than the largest circle (the bottom of the flower). Turn the flower over and hot glue the felt on top of the stitched area. Add a pin using the hot glue gun and you’re done.




See how quick and easy these scrap fabric flower pins are to make? You can make several ahead of time and keep them for last minute gifts.




Until our next sewing adventure together,


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