DIY Recycled Book Journal Craft Tutorial

Recycled Book DIY Journal

Hello my sweet crafting friends! Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I don’t really have a special craft in honor of the day, but these easy DIY journals are GREEN! Does that count? This is a super easy craft which would probably take you less than an hour to complete and makes a great journal, scrapbook or photo album. So, let’s get started.



old children’s book to recycle

copy paper, lined paper or card stock

2-hole paper punch

paper cutter

binder rings OR twine/ribbon



Begin by tearing your book apart being careful not to damage the covers. I like to cut the sheets out with a craft knife and cut the book covers off last. Once the book is apart, cut the edges of the book covers evenly and then cut all the pages to the same size. They should be at least 1/8th inch smaller than the covers. Using the paper cutter, cut the copy paper or card stock (whatever paper you want to fill your journal with) to the same size as the book pages.

Next, center the paper punch and make holes in all the paper as well as book pages. Then make corresponding holes in both book covers.

Assemble the pages for the book. I like to use the pages from the children’s book as dividers for the card stock and copy paper. Once you have the pages assembled you can put the journal together by sandwiching the pages between the two book covers. Use binder rings to connect the pieces or cut an extra long piece of twine or ribbon, weave through the holes and tie.

That is it! A cute little recycled book journal to use at church or for a gift. I like to give these away at baby showers because they are perfect to jot down little progresses the baby makes each day.


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