recycled alternatives for diy glass cloches craft

Recycled Alternatives for DIY Glass Cloches

Recycle clear glass jars into cloche displays for indoor & outdoor home decor!


Oh how I love cloches! I enjoy the little vignette under each glass cloche that tells a story and adds a bit of whimsy to the decor. I first fell in love after seeing them over and over again in magazines. Did you know that cloches were originally for covering outside plants during the winter months to protect them from the elements? These days they are mostly used for decorative purposes. I know that’s what I love them for. However, when I tried to find my own they were quite pricey.

That is when I decided to try to make my own, and now you can make your own budget-friendly cloches too. Below are some ideas that I came up with as an alternative to purchasing an expensive glass cloches that you’ll find at most big box craft stores. I hope you find it inspiring for your indoor and outdoor spaces during holiday decorating times and beyond.


diy easy glass cloches craft



empty used candle jars or wide mouth jars for the cloche

old knobs/drawer pulls from furniture or recycle something like a finial or salt shaker

small saucers, plates or clay planter saucers for the base

E6000 glue


DIY Glass Cloche Instructions:

First remove all labels and clean the jar with hot soapy water, rinse and dry. Then turn it over and find the finial or knob that looks just right and use the E6000 glue to secure it in place, the center of the bottom (now the top) of the jar. Allow the E6000 to cure overnight.

Now, while the glue is drying, look around for a small plate or saucer that is slightly larger than the mouth of the jar. This will be the base for your cloche.

Once you match your cloche to it’s base, find something special to display underneath and a special place to display it. If you have small children or curious pets, be sure to place it up high or in a secure place so little hands or paws don’t ruin your newly created glass cloche display.


glass cloche cheap recycled craft project


Crafter’s Tip: These inexpensive DIY cloche displays are perfect for swapping out your seasonal decorations both indoors and outdoors on a covered patio or porch. Need a quick fix to go from your Autumn decor to Christmas and straight into New Year’s or even Valentine’s day? Use a decorative set of these DIY cloches and simply swap out the decorations displayed inside. As another holiday alternative, use seasonally inspired knobs or drawer pulls glued onto the glass jars. This recycle project can literally not cost you a dime if you use supplies you have on hand and around the house!

Do you see yourself creating some alternative recycled cloches in your near future? I hope so! Be sure to stop back by Indoor Outdoor Space for many more inexpensive and easy seasonal decorations to create yourself and spare your budget. Subscribe to our newsletter for the latest tutorials and freebies delivered to your inbox. You can find more upcycled and recycled home decorating ideas at my own site, The Ragged Rose.

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