DIY Glass Gem Magnets with Free Printable 1 inch circles

Quick and Easy Easter Scripture DIY Glass Gem Magnets

Make several of these “He is Risen” DIY Magnets using our FREE Printable Scripture Circles & Materials for just 6 bucks!

Do you need a little something to encourage someone this Easter? Remind them that our Savior has risen and is alive! First download our free “He is Risen” 1-inch circle scripture and print it on white card stock. Then let it sit overnight to dry well or use your iron on low heat to help the ink set faster. Once you’ve got that down, you are half way there on making this quick and easy gift craft.

When adding prices up on my materials, I didn’t count the cost of the card stock paper and printer ink in this since many of us will have that on hand at home. I used one of the weekly 40% off coupons for the Quick Grip glue at the local chain craft store so it was a few bucks, the glass gems were a dollar at the local Dollar Store, and the adhesive-backed magnets were a couple dollars at the local Wal-Mart. That’s about 6 bucks and change for the base materials for this DIY glass gem magnet craft. Once you buy these, you can make several though so it is not nearly six dollars per 6-piece set as shown in the photos – just a fraction of that cost. This is a great budget-friendly craft for making several little box sets of magnets for a party giveaway or friends in a church group.


Free He is Risen Scripture Printable for 1 inch Magnets and Crafts at Indoor Outdoor Space


You’ll need the following materials to create your own Easter magnet set:

  • Beacon Quick Grip for jewelry (in the blue tube, usually sold in the jewelry section of the craft store)
  • 1-inch size clear glass gems (just a buck per large bag at the dollar store – woot!)
  • Large round magnets (premade adhesive backs makes it faster, but you can use the Quick Grip to glue them on too)
  • Clear all-purpose matte or satin varnish or another clear drying waterproof sealer (optional, only if you want a water-resistant backing)
  • A good pair of sharp scissors
  • Printed on white card stock paper my free Easter scripture “He is Risen” 1-inch circles


DIY Glass Gem Magnet Craft with Free Easter Printable at Indoor Outdoor Space


Here’s how you put it all together to come up with those DIY magnets:

  1. First do NOT cut out those circles! You heard me right. It is sooooooo much easier if you just leave them on the paper and cut out rectangular sections as shown in the photos, but not around the circular edges.
  2. Then use a damp cloth to clean the backs of the glass gems and make sure they are completely dry.
  3. Next apply a half size pea dot of the Quick Grip to the glass gem itself. Then press it firmly centered on top of one of the uncut “He is Risen” scripture circles. Be quick as the glue tends to gum up a bit. Press it gently until all the glue spreads out and no bubbles or unglued areas are present. It is okay if the glue spills out the sides. Repeat until you’ve glued all the glass gems to circles that you want to make.
  4. Now let all your fancy glued glass gems sit overnight (or several hours at least). Then take a pair of sharp scissors and cut around the edges of the paper to remove the excess dried glue and form a circle cutout close to each glass gem’s back edge.
  5. (OPTIONAL) Next you can use a drop of varnish or waterproof sealer to coat the back of the card stock circle. I just used my finger to put a light coating on each and let it dry for 30 minutes or so. This is optional depending on if you want the magnets to be waterproof and able to be cleaned more easily.
  6. Finally stick on those adhesive-backed magnets or use the Quick Grip to glue them on. If using Quick Grip, let it dry for an ample amount of time before using your new Easter “He is Risen” magnet set.


Free Easter Printable and DIY Glass Gem Magnet Craft Tutorial at Indoor Outdoor Space


That’s it! Now you’ve got a snazzy new set of inspirational Easter magnets for your fridge or as a gift to encourage someone else. You could also skip the magnet on the back and glue on a jewelry hook or ring base just as easily.

If you might be wondering why I use Quick Grip glue instead of the very popular Mod Podge or even Tacky Glue for this kind of project, check out my article comparing these glues for use with glass gems at my felt crafts blog, The Funky Felter. I did some experimenting with each glue to see how they held up and performed on the glass. The results might surprise you! Did I disprove your favorite glue or prove it right?


Best Glue for DIY Glass Gem Magnets at The Funky Felter


If you enjoyed this DIY glass gem magnet craft and the free Easter printable, don’t forget to hit a share button at the bottom of this post to spread the word. What are your favorite Easter crafts? Please post some in the comments and let us know here at Indoor Outdoor Space what you are up to!

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