Capturing the Moment Photo Series My Pictures and Others

Capturing the Moment Photo Series: My Pictures and Others

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You Taking Photos in a Digital Age

I work at a summer camp in Estonia with a girl who takes pictures. She’s not a photographer, not professionally, but she’s always got her camera or her phone with her. She’s the one who always grabs group shots and takes a selfie with every friend. And she travels a lot, and she takes her camera to all sorts of different places; her trademark is a shot down of her feet standing on different manhole covers in like, every country.

She’s communicative and fun and adventurous.

My grandfather liked to take pictures. He and my grandmother were missionaries in Canada, and Mom tells stories of their long drives back to Texas, how he’d pull over on the side of the road somewhere, get his camera out, balance it on top of the car, grab his shot, then get back in the car and keep going. He’d farmed cotton as a kid, and his favorite thing to take pictures of was old barns. …There are a lot of barns along the highways from Canada to Texas.

Life took him lots of places, but he always appreciated his roots.

My aunt takes care of her twin granddaughters a lot. She’s always posting cute things they’ve done and said, pictures of interesting places they’ve explored together, play dates and dress-up parties… They have so much fun together, and, though I don’t get to see them often, I feel like I’ve been there with them this whole time, just because my aunt posts those things.

She finds ways to make life interesting for the people around her.


My Pictures and Others photo series Capturing the Moment by Jaime


And all of that to say: people are so cool. And there are so many different kinds of amazing and there are so many different ways to express it, but pictures… Pictures is one way. It’s been so nice to have that window into them, and to be challenged, by other people’s pictures, to enjoy people more, and explore more, and enjoy being myself, to appreciate my roots, and to live life well with the people close to me…

You’re taking pictures… What could others learn from you?


Something to think about until the next part in my photography series on Capturing the Moment. If you missed the introduction, read it here. Find the second installment of the series, My Pictures and Me, right here and, of course, check back for the upcoming installment in the series: My Pictures and Building a Legacy.


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