Make an Easy Heart Shaped Pool Noodle Wreath Base

How to Make a Heart Shaped Pool Noodle Wreath Base

Quick & Easy Heart Wreath Base for Valentine’s Day, Wedding Receptions or Your Other Sweet “Love” Themed Occasion!


Have any of you ever stood in the isle of your local chain craft store debating on whether or not to fork over the money for a wreath base? I have on multiple occasions. I am such a frugal lady when it comes to buying crafting supplies. When I look at pre-made wreath bases, I think how convenient they are, but also how expensive they can be just for a Styrofoam base. I mean, you are going to cover the thing up anyway right? Ugh, all that money covered up! The logic battle in my head always sides on my budget-friendly craft solutions and I end up recycling what I have at home to make stuff in lieu of opening up my wallet. How about you?


How to Make a Pool Noodle Heart Shape Wreath


That’s when I started to experiment how to make wreath bases with cheap pool noodles that I purchased for anywhere from one to three dollars at the local dollar store or chain department store. You can find a thorough how-to here for making two wreath bases out of one large pool noodle on my personal fiber craft blog, The Funky Felter. Since posting that a while ago, I have made several wreath bases of all sizes and various shapes from small and large sized pool noodles, a serrated knife and duct tape. It is just that simple – about 15-20 minutes worth of work and you’re done! And, I have never had an issue with wear and tear or weather. Those pool noodle bases held together with a generous amount of duct tape are pretty durable.

For this heart-shaped pool noodle wreath base, I used about one and a half of the smaller size width noodles. They were left over from a summer project and laying around in my garage so I just grabbed what I had on hand and upcycled them into a Valentine’s Day wreath. This made a pretty large base, about 3 feet tall. You could easily use just one pool noodle with similar results and a smaller, more manageable wreath size.


Heart Shaped Wreath Base How To Craft Tutorial at



Pool noodle(s)

Duct tape (use the good stuff that’s weather-proof)

Serrated knife



Since I kind of jimmied my wreath together out of remnant pieces of pool noodle, I have more cuts than really necessary if you are constructing a heart-shaped wreath base from a single noodle. Below you can see how I cut, taped and constructed my pool noodle heart from my upcycled pieces. It will give you an idea of how to assemble your own.

Basically, you’ll need to bend a V-shape for the bottom and tape into place as shown. Then arch a piece for top of the heart. I simply cut a slit half way in the arch, pulled it down to form another V-shape and taped it into place for the inverted heart’s top.

Finally, you go to town with that duct tape and secure all your pieces together. Depending on how many pieces of pool noodle you use, you may need to cut your ends diagonally opposite of one another for joining smoothly. Hopefully you can see that in my photos below. It really isn’t rocket science (I know so cliche, but it isn’t). Take charge and mold that pool noodle into your heart shape and wrap, wrap, wrap on that duct tape (to excess if you’re me!) to get it all to fall in place. When finished, you can wrap it with ribbon, use more patterned duct tape or decorate the base however you like.

Stay tuned for another post this week on how I used floral pins and hot pink mesh to make mine into a blingy Valentine’s Day wreath to adorn my front door. I’ll also include a free scripture art printable from Jeremiah 31:3 on the Lord’s everlasting love 🙂


Pool Noodle Heart Shaped Wreath Base Craft Tutorial Step One


Pool Noodle Heart Shaped Wreath Base Craft Tutorial Step Two


Pool Noodle Heart Shaped Wreath Base Craft Tutorial Step Three


Pool Noodle Heart Shaped Wreath Base Craft Tutorial Step Four


If you are impatient for my upcoming post and finished wreath with free printable, find a lovely 8×10 scripture art Valentine’s Day printable here for Jeremiah 31:3. I used a slightly different version of that same verse for the completed wreath which I’ll be sharing with you later this week, and you’ll get the free printable for it too so you can pick whichever one you like, or both – Hip Hip Hooray!

This free bible verse printable would be a wonderful gift printed and framed for your valentine or someone special who needs a little encouragement this week. It is a beautiful thought to know around Valentine’s Day that you are loved undoubtedly with an everlasting love and unfailing kindness! Your heavenly Father is your ultimate Valentine!

The LORD appeared to us in the past, saying: “I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with unfailing kindness. (Bible word art adapted from Jer. 31:3, NIV.)

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