Floating Shelf of Books DIY Craft Tutorial

Make a Floating Shelf with Books

Hello and welcome to this week’s craft tutorial! Today we are going to learn how to make a DIY floating “book” shelf. But first I have to start with a confession. I have a penchant, an obsession really, with books, especially OLD books! The weird thing is that, even though I do love to read, I don’t collect books merely for that purpose. I am attracted to books for more than the topic or author; I often have a deeper interest in the size and shape, the texture of the cover and pages within, the artistry and aesthetic of the details of the book and the way it makes me feel.  Is that weird? Do any of you share the same passion?

This craft came, in part, due to my abundance of books. I collect them for three reasons: to read, to be pretty (decoration) and to use for crafting. This project qualifies for two of those, decoration and crafting. And yes! I actually cut some of my books apart and tear out the pages. Before you judge me let me just say that these are normally books that have been damaged or that I purchased at a yard sale for under a dollar. And in my defense, I am giving them new life!

Well, if you aren’t opposed to re-purposing some old books let’s get started. This is a pretty easy and quick little craft that has a big impact!


3 old books

2 L-brackets with hardware

electric drill

double sided foam tape


measuring tape (optional)




It’s important to mention that the L-brackets should be proportional to the book size; the L-bracket should be half the width of the book. In other words, my book was just over 6 inches and I used a 3 inch L-bracket. (This is not reflected in the images pictured.)

Open the back flap of the book and put it face down on a hard surface. Line the L-bracket up flush with the open end of the book approximately 1 1/2 inches from the edge. For optimal results you should drill a pilot hole for each of the screws. ( I didn’t measure anything or pre-drill any holes myself.) Screw the L-brackets into place.

Cut a piece of double sided foam tape to fit the space between the L-brackets. Make sure the foam tape is thick enough so that when you close the book it will hold the bottom leaf in place. Close the book and press so together.

Next, mark your holes for hanging on the wall and drill pilot holes. (If you are not able to find a stud from which to hang your shelf you will want to use a drywall anchor to assure it will accommodate the weight of all the books.) Screw the shelf into place and stack the other two books on top. Voila! Instant floating shelf!

I loved making this easy floating shelf with books, how ’bout you? If you enjoyed this craft be sure to stop back by Indoor Outdoor Space for many more up-cycled seasonal gifts and decorations to whip up yourself on a shoe-string budget. Subscribe to our newsletter for the latest tutorials and freebies delivered to your inbox. You can find more up-cycled and recycled paper decor at my own site, The Ragged Rose.

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