Cute and Easy No Sew Sock Snowman Craft Tutorial at Indoor Outdoor Space

How to Make a Sock Snowman

Cute & Easy No-Sew Sock Snowman Craft Tutorial for All Ages!


Need an end of winter craft that’s great for you, the grandparents, kiddos and their friends? I’ve found that everyone loves a snowman. It has been a very mild winter here in the Ozarks region of southern Missouri. We haven’t had one good snow to make a real snowman – not one!

Having heard that we are finally due for possibly a few inches this week, my daughter and I are anxiously anticipating a snow day. Ahhhh, I love a good snow day – cocoa, pajamas, cartoons and then gearing up to run in the snow. It is so very warm here that I’m afraid our snow will be short-lived so resorting to an indoor craft is always a good backup when the weather is iffy outside.

I originally created this quick and easy sock snowman with a ladies craft group at my church last year. It was a big hit among all ages of girls, middle aged and older women there. Not only is it simple to put together, it is also fun to personalize with hat trim, scarves and buttons. You can see photo examples and read more about our handmade snowmen here at my felt and fiber blog. Also get the full step-by-step craft tutorial too. I hope wherever you live that you get the chance at making a real snowman before winter’s end, but if you don’t, these little sock snowmen are a fun, budget-friendly solution for an indoor craft adventure with just you and the kiddos or a group of crafty friends.


Super Cute and Easy No-sew DIY Sock Snowman Craft Tutorial at Indoor Outdoor Space
Original sock snowman craft tutorial courtesy of – Fun felt & fiber crafts for all!


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