Frugal but Fabulous DIY Chalk Paint Recipe

Frugal but Fabulous DIY Chalk Paint Recipe

3 Ingredients for Budget-friendly DIY Chalk Paint plus Essential Painting Tips


I have been painting furniture for years, not to sell, but rather for my own use and enjoyment. When I began to see all this hype about chalk paint, I was curious and wanted to experiment. I put off using store bought paint though as it is very pricey when purchased from a dealer. That’s when I discovered frugal recipes for DIY chalk paint on Pinterest. You can find many, many blogs and websites with a variety of recipes, tips and ideas out there for this painting technique. The do-it-yourself chalk paint ingredients below were mentioned on more than one site I found so I thought it would be worth trying, and it totally was! I hope you find it as useful as I have time and time again on my frugal budget.



1 cup water based paint (I suggest using latex or acrylic craft paint.)

2 tbsp water 

2 tbsp unsanded grout


Cheap DIY Chalk Paint Craft Tutorial Materials



Combine grout and water mixing until thoroughly blended. Then add mixture to paint and blend. Store the new chalk paint “batter” in a sealed container for up to approximately 2 weeks.


Essential Chalk Painting Tips:

A few important things I have learned using this DIY recipe for making chalk paint:

  • If using latex paint, let it set for a couple hours after mixing. It will get thicker, like cookie dough thick! You will need to add enough water to bring it to the consistency of pancake mix. I made the mistake of painting directly after mixing and it got thicker and thicker as time went on and became too thick to work with. It was frustrating!
  • I paint small projects so I prefer acrylic craft paints. They mix up well and do not seem to thicken as much as latex does. I love the results. But, if painting larger pieces, I suggest getting some oops paint or clearance rack paint from the hardware store and experimenting with it. I try to keep an assortment of this in stock as it is way cheaper and more practical than purchasing chalk paints from the dealer.
  • There is virtually no need to sand before or in between coats! This is the draw of chalk paint. However, if painting something with a very rough finish, I suggest a light sanding first. When painting glass (I paint bottles and jars with chalk paint), you will need to put a light base coat on first. Let it dry and then give it another coat or two.
  • Typically chalk paint is meant to have a wax sealer/finish. You can purchase a small jar at your local craft store. However, when I am using chalk paint for crafts such as bottles, jars or tins, I use a decoupage glue like Mod Podge to seal it. Experiment to find what works for you.


Do it yourself cheap and easy chalk paint DIY recipe
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Stay tuned for a few upcoming crafts using my frugal DIY chalk paint recipe including how to upcycle all those old holiday and Christmas tins you have gotten over the years and how to paint on slick surfaces like glass jars and bottles. I’ll teach you how to elegantly deck out your home with budget-friendly craft projects.

Have you tried my chalk paint recipe or perhaps another good one out there? Let me know in the comments below. Please share your results. For more of my own DIY chalk paint craft ideas, visit my site, The Ragged Rose.


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