Quick and easy Fall fabric banner DIY craft project

Fanciful Fall Fabric Banner Craft Tutorial

Recycle your fabric scraps for this quick and easy Autumn banner DIY project!

Need a little something to dress up that drab mantel, for above your door, down a hallway or perhaps as decor at an upcoming Fall themed party? Go to your pile of fabric scraps for this simple do-it-yourself Autumn decoration. Use just a few simple supplies that you probably have on hand to make an impressive and fanciful Fall fabric banner.



Scrap fabrics; the amount varies depending on the size of the banner

Jute twine or ribbon


oOptional: lace, burlap, yarn, ribbons, etc… for variety


Time frame: approx. 1 hour

Skill level: beginner

Cost: $0 to varies; if frugal and thrifty you can upcycle fabrics!


Fabric Fall upcycled banner for your mantel



Begin by tearing or cutting fabric into 1 inch strips; tearing gives the fabric a more rustic or distressed appearance while cutting the strips gives a more clean, finished look. For the banner pictured the fabric strips were cut to approx 10 inch lengths but you can make yours whatever length suits your needs. Just keep in mind that whatever length you want the strands of the banner to be the strips must be double that in length!

Next, decide how long you would like your banner and cut the twine or ribbon to that length. Make sure that you consider the fact that you will need extra at the ends for displaying your banner.

I find that the next step is easier if I tie the ends of the twine to something and leave the line somewhat loose. You can use two chairs for this. Once all the fabric has been cut to the length you desire, start attaching strips to the twine. It also makes it easier to start in the middle of the line and work out from there. Grab the center of a strip of fabric and loop it around the twine; pull the ends through the loop making sure you have looped around the twine.


Continue to attach strips to the twine in this manner varying patterns and colors as you go.

Optional Craft Tips: You can add strips of lace or yarn or ribbon for variety. My method involves attaching attaching 5-6 strips to the right of the center and then doing the same to the left of the center. This ensures that I get an even and cohesive look to my banner.

Once you get to within 18 inches of the end of the twine you are finished! Hang it up and enjoy!

Have you made a stripped fabric banner before or have some great tips or examples? Let us know what you think of mine and share your own ideas in the comments. You can find more of my own fabric and craft projects at The Lovely Bandits’ store.

Now back to the fabric pile to drum up more ideas for next time,



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