Cute and Easy Paper Cone Wreath Craft Tutorial for Easter

Cute and Easy Easter Paper Wreath

Free “He is Risen” Easter Printable to use with this Beautiful Handmade Paper Cone Wreath Craft Tutorial

Hello again my crafty friends! I am sure that by now you are not surprised to find out that we are tearing a book apart for this craft! And if you have an aversion to literally tearing into a book, you are welcome to use scrap booking papers or recycle an old map or sheets of music. I’d love to see what else you all come up with!



This Easter paper cone wreath is just darling for an Easter celebration. If you aren’t having dinner at  home all the better! You will have time to whip this up to take to your hostess. She will love you for it! Or make the Spring inspired paper wreath for a special friend. I wouldn’t turn that away!

Though an easy craft, this wreath is a bit time consuming. I like to gather my supplies and make the little cones while watching  a movie. Let’s get started!



paper- torn from an old book, hymnal, music book, magazine, etc… or scrap booking papers

craft glue, hot glue gun & glue sticks

double sided tape

recycled cardboard pieces or cereal box

scissors, craft knife

laces and embellishments

ribbon or twine

Easter Printable by Shalana


Free Easter Scripture Matthew 26 Printable Circle for Crafts at Indoor Outdoor Space


For directions click here. This paper wreath is one of my favorite crafts! They are so versatile. I like to make them for parties by adding a monogram for the person who is being celebrated; and for home decor or as a special gift.



If you enjoyed making this Easter paper cone wreath please contact us with a picture! We would love to see your creation and connect with you.

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