Spiral Paper Roses DIY Indoor Decor Craft Tutorial

Easy Paper Roses

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Hello ladies! And welcome back for another book paper craft. This is becoming a thing, isn’t it? Well, I have already confessed my love of books for more than just reading. If you like to recycle old books and magazines too, click here for more ideas!


Now, on to our craft. Oh, you’re going to love this one! Because it is SO easy. So, let’s get started.


an old book for paper or any scrap paper (you can also use this method with card stock and felt for thicker roses)

approx. 2 1/2 ” circle paper punch or just cut out some circles using your scissors

floral wire & wire cutters

floral tape

glue gun with glue sticks

OPTIONAL:  small beads



Begin with the circles; either use the paper punch or simply cut them out using scissors. There is no need to be exact. However, the size of the rose depends on the size of the circle. If you are using the 2 1/2″ circle punch your resulting roses will be small, approximately 1″ in diameter. You can see the ratio. I suggest experimenting with the sizes. This little book paper rose bouquet is a great beginner craft.

Next, cut a spiral into the circle working your way around and around the paper until you reach the center. There will be a small circle left in the center.

Now, with the outer end of the spiral start rolling the paper and continue until you get to the end (the middle of the circle). Allow the rolled spiral to unwind a bit, you don’t want the rose to be too tight.

Put a dot of hot glue on the little circle (under the spiral) and glue the spiral down thus creating the rose. OPTIONAL: You can put a dot of glue in the center and drop a bead in for a little added cuteness.

If you are going to be making a bouquet of roses then you will need to add stems. Cut the length of wire you want for your stem. My roses are small so I cut 5 to 7 inch lengths of wire. Now just slip the end of the wire up through the bottom of the rose, using needle nose pliers curl the end into a circle, add a dab of glue to it and pull it back down into the rose. Once the wire is attached, wrap the wire with floral tape and voila, a rose. Make several for a bouquet.

Did you enjoy my easy book paper roses? Weren’t they easy? If you like this craft please be sure to stop back by Indoor Outdoor Space for many more upcycled decorations to whip up yourself on a shoe-string budget.


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