Mini DIY Notebooks Craft Tutorial

Easy Miniature Notebooks DIY Craft

DIY Mini-Journals Make Sweet Stocking Stuffers!

I love a good notebook or journal! I keep them in stacks on my desk and in my handbag in case inspiration hits and I need to write something down. And I am notorious for writing things down; I make lists of my lists! These DIY mini-notebooks are very easy to make and are a perfect little gift to make ahead for stocking stuffers, as a gift for a friend or to stuff into your own purse!



cereal boxes

recycled papers, old books

8 1/2 X 11 white copy paper

brown ink pad

washi tape or fabric tape

a sewing machine

images/artwork for the front of notebook

stick glue

scissors (and paper cutter)


Begin by cutting all papers for the project. Cut the white copy paper into lengths measuring 4 1/4 X 5 1/2. You will need approximately 13 pieces of paper for each notebook, take this stack and fold in half.

Next, cut the cereal boxes down to 4 1/2 X 5 3/4. Fold these pieces in half (with the cereal box graphics on the inside and the brown on the outside) and crease.


Now, place the stack of cut copy paper on top of the folded cereal box and center it. Sew down the middle and cut the threads. Use the brown ink pad to distress the outer edges of the notebook.


Cut a piece of washi tape the length of the spine of the notebook and tape down the spine. Then, open the notebook and use pages from an old book or any recycled paper to glue to the inside front and back cover.


Cut a small graphic image for the front of the notebook and glue down with craft glue. And voila, cute little notebook for your handbag or your friends stocking!


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