upcycled masquerade ball masks craft tutorial

DIY Halloween Masquerade Ball Masks Craft

Don’t spend a dime on your Halloween costume this year! Recycle that empty cereal box in your kitchen pantry for this Masquerade Ball Masks DIY project. Use our free printable template to get started and then embellish with stuff from your craft supplies on hand. Add an old prom dress or last years frilly holiday attire to this mask and you have a budget-friendly Halloween costume that looks like you spent bucks renting something to wear.

The best part – making it of course! This project would be a great excuse for a group of friends to get together over pumpkin spice lattes to gab about the gorgeous Fall weather and pool supplies creating several unique masks at once. What a nice touch for your own Masquerade Ball costume or as cost-free party favors at your frugal but fabulous Halloween party!


upcycled masquerade ball masks diy craft tutorial


MATERIALS:masquerade ball masks diy craft tutorial supplies

mask template PDF to print

empty cereal  box (or any box from your pantry)

scrap papers (scrap booking papers, old book pages, music sheets, magazines, etc…)

miscellaneous ephemera such as buttons, lace, feathers, ribbon, ric-rac beads, etc…

12″ dowels or skewers

scissors and X-Acto knife

craft glue and school glue (I use Elmer’s brand)

hot glue gun and glue sticks




Download the masks template here. Print it out and begin by tracing one of the the mask templates onto an empty, flattened cereal box and cut it out.

trace and cut out the masks from a cereal box


An X-Acto knife will make cutting out the eye areas easier. Choose a pretty paper and use craft glue to adhere it to the mask, this will be the front. Trim the paper around the mask and eye holes.

use an xacto knife to cut out the masks eye holes


Now for the fun part! Decorate the mask. Using school glue and a small paint brush/ toothpick (or Elmer’s Craft Bond Precision tip glue like I did), create a design on the mask and then sprinkle on glitter. Some suggestions for designing your glittery areas: outline the eyes, add eyelashes or eyebrows, add a beauty mark near one eye, or make abstract lines and dots around or between the eyes. Let the glue dry before the next step, otherwise you will mess up your sparkles!

decorate the masks with elmers glue and glitter


Using your hot glue gun add lace, beads and buttons or feathers to complete your look. If you have lace, glue this on first. You can add it above one eye or both eyes, or around the entire mask. Just have fun with it. Then place your beads, buttons or feathers and glue them on for your finishing touch.

To complete your mask, hot glue the dowel to the back of the mask vertically between the eye hole and the edge of the mask. For a finished look cover the back of the mask, including the dowel, with torn papers from a book or magazine.

glue the dowel rod handle to mask


You can also cover the dowel with ribbon or a torn strip of fabric by using a hot glue gun to secure the fabric/ribbon to the end of the dowel and then wrapping it around the dowel at an angle until you get to the end. Stick this end down with hot glue as well and trim.

Tie ribbon, jute, or a strip of fabric to the the top of the dowel just under the mask for a decorative touch.

Crafter’s Tip: Depending on your personal style and stash of craft supplies, there’s a lot of possibility as to how your own Masquerade Ball Masks will turn out. For a fun twist, you can even make these into animals like foxes, rabbits or bears. Instead of using a dowel rod, punch holes in the sides and add a ribbon or string to tie around your head or that of your kiddos. Make an entire family of forest friends or turn these into frugal party favors for your little one’s Halloween party.

I hope this has inspired you to hang on to that cereal box the next time it goes empty. Make several of these DIY Masquerade Ball Halloween Masks from cardboard in your kitchen pantry and supplies you already have!


Upcycled Masquerade Ball Masks frugal DIY craft project


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