Drawer Shelf DIY Tutorial

Desk Drawer Upcycle

Hello again ladies! Today I’m going to show you how I turned an old dresser drawer into a catch-all organizer for keys and mail. One of my favorite things to do is re-think how I can use a discarded piece. Re-cycled, Up-cycled, Re-imagined items are fun, economical and kind of like an original piece of artwork in your home. So, look around your house for something that is outdated, broken or unused and re-imagine how you can transform it into something that you can use!

For now, let’s get started with our drawer up-cycle.

SKILL LEVEL: advanced (if you aren’t familiar with using an electric drill and screws grab your crafty friend to help you!)


old drawer

old literature, magazines or sheet music to line the back of the drawer

decoupage glue

3 old books for a floating bookshelf

2 L-brackets

short screws &

electric drill and drill bits

key hooks or cup hooks

flat backed planter or small picture frame or chalkboard

saw-tooth picture hangers



First clean the drawer with a damp cloth; remove all dust. Now, get out your ephemera and lay it out in a way that’s appealing to you. Once you’ve decided your layout, adhere to the bottom of the drawer with decoupage glue. You will need to allow this to dry completely before moving on to the next step. I did my decoupaging in the evening and let it dry overnight. Turn the drawer over and attach the saw-tooth hangers to each side at the top.

To create a shelf with the books you will need to attach the two L-brackets to the inside of the bottom book. Get the full instructions here.

Arrange your attachments on the back (bottom) of the drawer. I attached the key hooks lower so that we could reach them and the planter higher. Initially I intended to use the planter for mail but once I hung it on the wall I realized it was too high. So, pay attention to those details!


Once you know where you want everything, mark where the screws will go and drill your holes. Attach the book “shelf” and planter or picture frame as well as key hooks with screws. (Measure your screws to ensure that they are the correct size. If they are too long they will end up scratching your wall, and if they are too small they will not hold your attachments!) Now you just have to hang your new organizing piece of art.

Here is another drawer up-cycle. This one is using a flat computer desk laptop drawer. I decoupaged it with pages from a hymnal, added bulldog clips, a chalk board and an industrial organizer filled with painted Starbucks bottles for cute little vases.


Now you try! Look around your house and you may find an abundance of items that you can put together to make something practical as well as pretty. If you do and would like to share, we’d love to see what you made! Do you see yourself creating some up-cycled projects in your near future? I hope so! Be sure to stop back by Indoor Outdoor Space for many more inexpensive and easy decorations and up-cycled projects to create yourself. Subscribe to our newsletter for the latest tutorials and freebies delivered to your inbox. You can find more upcycled and recycled home decorating ideas at my own site, The Ragged Rose.

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