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Use Coconut Oil as Furniture Polish for Your Home

Need an amazing all-natural furniture polish?

After buying a home last summer, I needed a frugal and non-toxic furniture polish. To help put our mark on the new-to-us house and make it our own space, we did some very budget-friendly DIY projects throughout the house. One of those was painting our kitchen cabinets and instilling the help of my super crafty dad in making us a butcher block style bar with built in shelves out of walnut. He also made matching wall shelves of walnut so it is dark wood heaven for me now. I love it!

At first I wanted to put a sealer or stain on the wood, but the more I researched online about ingredients in those items, the more that I realized none of those chemicals were good for my food. Since my bar and shelves are in my kitchen area, I decided to go all-natural and leave the wood raw.

I headed to a large local hardware store to look into my options for a natural butcher block conditioner. The large chain store only had one option – one! It wasn’t a very good one either as it required several layers and went on just like a lacquer sealer which is what I was trying to avoid. Although the product portrayed itself as “all-natural” and safe for food, it seemed just like all the chemical sealers I had researched earlier in its application.

As I was making my way through the store, I was determined to scour the internet when I got home to find something all-natural and non-toxic to order. Then a very friendly worker at the store approached me to ask if I needed help. I told her my dilemma about my new custom walnut bar and shelves and wanting to stay as natural as possible for polish and upkeep. What she said next changed my life (okay, so it drastically changed the way I clean and polish all my furniture at least!). She asked “Have you tried using coconut oil? I use it all the time and it works great.” Wow, what a genius idea!

Honestly, I use coconut oil all the time in my kitchen for cooking and adding a bit to dishes here and there for flavoring. It hadn’t crossed my mind to use it as a furniture polish and conditioner. I headed straight home to give it a try. You can see my before and after results from the coconut oil below. The beautiful walnut bar turned from a medium tone brown to a deeper chocolate brown with a glossy shine.


Use Coconut Oil as Furniture Polish Tips Before and After Photo


Coconut oil is in a semi-solid form at room temperature (sometimes solid if you have a colder house). I have found it easiest to heat it up slightly until it is a liquid and put it on a soft cloth to rub on my furniture. You can use it on raw furniture where it works best and also on stained or sealed furniture. I have found though, with some of my older furniture pieces, that it can take off the stain. I used it to clean a vintage stereo that I had and remove some of the built up residue – it worked like magic!

Now I use it once every couple of weeks to condition my walnut bar and shelves and also clean other furniture around the house. Coconut oil has inherit anti-bacterial properties too so that’s just a bonus in cleaning your house. And, it smells pretty amazing!

The only downside – it is a bit greasy to deal with. I normally use one cloth soaked in coconut oil to wipe down my furniture and polish it and then take a clean cloth to rub off any excess greasy residue. If you have time, you can also just let the great smelling coconut oil soak into your raw wood.

If you like this all-natural furniture polish tip using coconut oil, don’t forget to hit a share button at the bottom of this post to spread the word. What do you use on your furniture? Do you have any non-toxic or natural cleaning tips? Please share in the comments. I love a good budget-friendly DIY household tip to try. Find some more uses for coconut oil at WellnessMama – it is just so versatile!

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