Capturing the Moment Photography Series Introduction

Capturing the Moment Photo Series Introduction

A Photography Series for You & Your Family in the Digital Age

When I was asked to write this series on photography for IndoorOutdoor, I didn’t think it would be difficult to find something to share, but as the time got closer to put words down, I realized that, if anything, there’s already an over-abundance of info available to help take your photography to the next level. For quick questions on exposure, composition, gear, studio lighting, portraiture, night photography, lifestyle photography, travel photography, wedding photography, and every other kind of photography, I highly recommend Google, YouTube, and your local bookstore. There’s a wealth of articles, videos, and tutorials there and waiting for you. Dive in.

There’s a deeper level I’d like to address here though, at least at first, at least for those of us who are finding ourselves in a fast-paced digital age, and trying to figure out how we fit in and what place our pictures have in our interactions with each other and the greater world.

As we start to sort this out, a few thoughts to begin with…

1. What you take pictures of says a lot about you.

One of the best ways to get to know a person is scroll through their photos, because what we’re drawn to and want to keep close to us comes from the inside. What’s on your phone? What kinds of things are you drawn to taking pictures of? What do those things tell you about yourself?

2. What you post pictures of impacts other people.

What we put back into the world isn’t a neutral thing, no matter how small it seems to be. People are actually watching and can tell something about you, maybe even about God, by what things in life you’re highlighting with your pictures. What are you pointing people to?

3. What you keep pictures of is building a legacy.

My mom says, “If you didn’t take a picture, it didn’t happen.” I used to think she was joking until I started getting curious about our family history and realized how many things can’t be known because there aren’t pictures of them. Part of that is that photographs were rarely taken of the older generations and their lives, but the next generations are going to face the same lack of real history and identity because, though digital pictures are created so easily, they’re also easily lost. How many of them will still be available for the next generations? And what will they teach them about life and where they come from?

Capturing the Moment Photography Series Intro by Jaime Banks


In summary, the three things I want to touch on in this upcoming photography series are:

My Pictures and Me
My Pictures and Others
My Pictures and Building a Legacy

So glad you’re here with us at IndoorOutdoor! Till next time!


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