Applicable Tips for Memorizing Scripture

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Practical  and Applicable Ways that I use to Memorize Scripture:

  1. The most important tip I can give is to PRAY! Pray that God will give you the capacity to remember His word. And He WILL! James 1:5, I John 5:14-15 I don’t just offer this advice flippantly! I have a memory issue that has troubled me since I was a young mother. I often felt sad and burdened about the fact that I could not remember a special or funny event with my kids when my husband on the other hand has an awesome memory and could not only remember all the little things with the kids but could also remember as far back as when he was in diapers! Needless to say, I thought that I would never be able to memorize scripture. But I felt burdened to do so. And not just for me, but to teach it to my children as well. Ladies! Let me tell you that God will answer your prayer for help in this! I started trying to memorize short verses that were applicable to my daily life. Things to help me get through the day. And praying that God would give me the retention. He did! I did! It works; give it a try!
  2. When memorizing a verse I read it from my Bible and then repeat it to myself at least 5 times in a row. Then, I like to write it out in my journal and sometimes on a 3 X 5 card to take with me or put on the fridge. Sometimes I will write the verse down in my journal everyday to help memorizing. For me, writing anything down helps me to remember them. (Sometimes I will make a grocery list and then forget it when I leave for the store. But because I have already written things down I am more apt to remember them.) Repetition is key. And use whatever method is most helpful to YOU; reading, writing or hearing the word or a combination of all three. You can download an app to read the Bible to you and there are also apps that helps you to memorize scripture.
  3. I try to recite the verse I am memorizing at different times throughout the day. Usually I just do this as the thought comes to me  (the Holy Spirit brings it to mind) but to get yourself in the habit I suggest setting a few alarms on your phone to go off throughout the day as a reminder or place partially written verses on 3 X5 cards in strategic places in your home so when you see them you’ll be reminded to recite the verse.
  4. I keep a list of the verses that I am working on in the FRONT of my Journal. Then, either before or after my daily devotion, I can look at each reference and try to quote it from memory. I write a little clue at the side of each reference (like the first word or the topic of the verse). That way, if I am having an issue remembering I have a quick help.
  5. I keep a list of verses I have already memorized in the BACK of my journal. I go over these at least once a month, sometimes once a week. This is an important part of the long term part of memorizing; it helps KEEP them in memory. For me, if I memorize the verse and haven’t had an occasion to use the verse, I forget part or all of it. So, as I memorize new verses I keep a list of the older ones I have committed to memory and go back over them regularly.
  6. There are a lot of tricks for memorizing things. You can Google memorization techniques for practically limitless suggestions. For shorter verses I don’t normally need to use any other technique other than repetition. For longer verses, I usually divide them into two or more sections and once I have memorized the first section I start adding a sentence at a time (maybe daily), each time making sure to repeat the entire verse, not just the section I am adding. By the time I have reached the end of the verse I have it down! I have a friend that teaches scripture to children and she often puts the verse to a familiar tune. This works great with kids so why not adults? (However, if you are like me, going forward you will never be able to quote the verse without singing it! Which may offer some lovely entertainment! Haha)

These are tips from me, a real person, that I actually do or have done. It is how I memorize scripture. They may not work for everyone, but I sure hope they help or inspire you to hide God’s word in you heart (Psalm 119:11, a good scripture to begin memorizing with!)

Happy memorizing! I know it will be because God’s word is nothing nourishment to our soul!


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